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Diversability Partnerships


What is the Diversability?

Diversability is the official discount platform for people living with conditions or impairments in the UK.  


It provides exclusive and market-leading discounts from the UK's favourite brands, local businesses, service and entertainment providers, to disabled people. 

A better deal for disabled people


At Diversability Card, we don't think it’s fair that people with disabilities are having to pay more than they should just to live the same lives as others.


Research by Scope, the UK’s leading disability charity has learnt that life costs more if you’re disabled. From expensive equipment to higher energy bills, disabled people and their families pay over the odds for essentials.


These costs add up to an average of £583 per month and the annual cost of bringing up a disabled child is three times greater than that of bringing up a non-disabled child. 

Even with the extra support from Disability Living Allowance to help cover these costs, it doesn't reflect the true current cost of living meaning welfare payments fall far short of meeting these extra costs. 

With the change from Disability Living Allowance to the new system of Personal Independence Payment, the way people have assessed means more than 600,000 disabled people could lose support.


The Diversability Card scheme aims to alleviate this financial pressure and drive down the extra costs disabled people face every month. 


Are you missing out?

Seven million people of working age have a disability, which all adds up to an awful lot of spending power. The latest figures from the Department for Work and Pensions in December 2016 estimate that this spending power, the "purple pound", is worth £249 billion to the economy.

Shockingly, three-quarters of disabled people have left a shop or deserted a business because of poor disability awareness or understanding. By allowing this to happen, businesses could be missing out on their share of £420 million of revenue a week. 

How can you benefit as a retailer?


As a brand partner, you would be making an investment to over 12 million disabled people in the UK, (that's almost 1 in 5 of the population) and commitment to the inclusion of this overlooked consumer group. 


How a business conducts itself is becoming increasingly important to customers. The Diversability Card allows businesses to integrate their corporate social responsibilities whilst diversifying their market reach and attracting new customers.


There is no cost to become a brand partner, as long as the discount your brand makes available to Diversability Card holders is competitive and the best you can offer in the market.


What do brand partners get from partnering with the Diversability Card?

  • Attract a new group of customers

  • Become a morally responsible business or brand valuing the disabled consumer group

  • Opportunities to feature in e-correspondence, run sales and competitions to cardholders

  • Data capture opportunities

  • Discounted paid for marketing via Diversability Card

  • Exposure across all social channels Diversability Card website

Diversability Card welcome partner applications from any local, national or international brands and businesses.

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